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competitive pendant sun symbol cheap reasonable

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competitive pendant sun symbol cheap reasonable
competitive pendant sun symbol cheap reasonable

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Product Overviewcompetitive pendant sun symbol cheap reasonable
- Highest craftsmanship
- Graphic design language
- Elaborate inlay techniques

This piece of jewellery made with the highest craftsmanship impresses with its special mix of old tradition and modern graphics. Inspired by the cultural influences of Southwest Native Americans, the rays of the sun pendant represent the traditional four points of the compass, parts of the day and seasons, and thus symbolise life itself. The graphic structures, radiant colours and many details strengthen the mystical modern effect of the lucky charm. Each of the approximately 150 coloured stones, as well as the eleven stone inlays, are individually cut and elaborately worked into the piece of jewellery by hand.
925 Sterling silver, blackened
synthetic corundum red, zirconia white, mother-of-pearl, glass-ceramic stone, simulated turquoise, zirconia orange
approx. 4.90 cm (1.93 Inch)
approx. 4.10 cm (1.61 Inch)
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